Horse riding presentation

Nature and compassion

Nature and compassion

 Equin'Ox is a different concept to share the pleasures of life with your equine partner.

Bitless riding is characterized by all equestrian disciplines with a gentle and respectful approach. Indeed, without bit, the rider cannot use physical force; tools of conviction are intelligence and equestrian tact. We re-develop the methods of the old masters of the French riding, riding in lightness, embellished with all the good techniques inherent in other more modern disciplines, such as "ethological" riding or "natural" riding, western riding and new French equitation by our squire master.

In summary


- Living and work conditions close to the natural for appeased mind

- horse behavior knowledges  

- A selection of the cavalry on their character

Horse riding:

-Respectful of the horse locomotion and both horse and rider personalities

- create horse/man couples to develop the affective relationship in order to promote progression

-diversify the activities not to blaze


-Acquire discipline to respect others and ensure safety.

-Learn to stay humble and develop artistic sense rather than competitiveness.

-Acquire horse and environment knowledges to better respect both.

-To become autonomous and responsible as a rider or a future horse owner.

-Take pleasure above all by practicing horse riding for leisure and/or art.

In detail:

Our horses and those we receive in board live in conditions that bring them closer to their true nature: life in small herds, meadows and woods, natural shelters, food rich in fiber. Everything is done to recreate their natural environment and preserve affinities of each. Stalls are used only for grooming, preparation and our boxes in case of care. Our stalls are reversed, so horses are not facing the wall, separated by wooden barriers, horses stay in contact. Their overall vision and contact with their congener limits anxiety and secures riders. Horses are fed in ground feeders, or in small mesh hay net, which optimizes chewing, digestion, prevents dust from entering the airways, and avoids waste and stress due to boredom.

The riding we practice is called "natural": we do not use bits or iron horseshoe, we do not ask for efforts beyond the biological limits of horses. These conditions - scientific studies in support - allow a longer life, less locomotor disorders and less physical and psychological suffering.

We give lessons for children (from 3 years) and teenagers on Saturdays and for adults on evenings of weeks. "Sensual" vaulting in circle (between dance and vaulting) and Cossack vaulting classes (for the most daredevil) are offered.

Our riding has no competitive vocation; we prefer to focus on horseman relationship than on competitiveness. This does not go against rider’s progress, because to not interfere with his beloved horse, we must first know how to ride well...

We prefer nature and art to competition grounds, play and complicity to submission.

Our riders have practical facilities (arena, round pen, PTV / cross / mountain trail) and superb walks in the mountains and the forest. The supervisor, graduated BPJEPS allows you to take collective or private classes. We vary our activities to avoid blazing horses and riders: classic disciplines but also vaulting, games, work on foot (classical or ethologic), varied terrain/cross, hiking, ski-joering, equestrian shows ...)

Searching for technicality? We invite you to discover the art of French academic dressage but ... bitless! Our method is the result of the old riding masters methods with the ethological knowledge, biomechanics of the horse and finally rider’s centering. We practice a more artistic dressage, less "bridled" than modern or "sporty" and of course, lighter. We allow the horse to express itself freely. Our models: the old masters (Baucher, Beudant and Nuno Olieveira ...) and more recent: Bent Brenderup, Jean Claude Racinet, and Patrice Franchet d'Esperey (with whom we work).

We offer dressage bitless internships for all riders’levels on our well trained horses; in private lessons or in pairs, from one to five days. We also organize children / teenagers internships for leisure or technique, or  Cossack aerobatics and or natural trimming (see section internships).

You can also come with your horse or take lessons at your home.

We work with Auvergne and Vercors horses, two local little breeds. They are baroque, rustic, versatile, and close to humans. We sometimes make our mares have foals. Births are the result of natural coupling (mating in freedom). They are educated gradually respecting their growth and personalities. After the sale, we follow the life of our companions to advise you, avoid any errors prejudicial to your couple.

Let's give our horses a life that lives up to the happiness they bring us, a quality of life that suits their needs. Horse is sensitive and intelligent; we owe him love and compassion!

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